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     Rent Getaways will quickly become the premier marketplace to find and book getaway experiences in many beautiful desirable locations across the USA and worldwide.

     Our collection of properties will not only cater to the $1000 per/night and higher affluent consumer; large groups, corporate clients, young families will also be able to find some of the best properties on the market from fully furnished apartments to luxury villas at competitive prices.

     Our unique value proposition will offer clients a pristine curated portfolio with all bookable and well managed properties in our target destinations.  The goal is to create a memorable shopping vacation experience for our traveler and streamline the decision and booking process through quality content, updated property information and competitive pricing.

     Rent Getaways will have a superior customer support staff with local knowledge of the each travel destination covered in addition to an extremely strong affiliate network to provide additional services for each guests during their stays.

     The guests and the property suppliers will all have a delightful experience which will enable the company to grow with our customers as they explore new travel destinations as well as our property supplier where the majority of them will continue to grow their portfolio with rent getaways as value marketing partner with an extremely large high spending travel clientele.

     The Rent getaway platform will enable owners to provide flexible pricing for low utilization periods so clients will have the ability benefit from competitive pricing and increase the overall occupancy.


System Features:

     The clients will benefit from an easy booking process and fully functional dashboard to view there reservations, check in information, make special requests on checkin, etc. This information will be passed directly to the qualified property suppliers that we work with to accommodate all their requests.

     The owners will have the option to see the level of interest and requests received at their property, view reservations, inquiries, deal alerts and manage their property information.

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